Just have a look at this 5 year-old brave baby that takes on obstacle course with the huge horse

Kids have a unique ability to remember all the things happening around!

It’s so amazing to see a young baby doing something risky that many adults wouldn’t even think of doing.

That’s the case about our young five-year-old horse rider.

The draft cross mare named Ruby and the little sweetie named Kinsley were enjoying the time of their life!

While looking at these scenes, you may feel a bit worried or stressed to see such a young baby sitting on the horse.

However, all the worried went away when the tiny child showed off her excellent skills!

It was so incredible to watch them being so brave and risky together!

It was truly amazing and cool! Kinsley and Ruby prove everyone that they do not need to worry as they are so experienced, and they know what they are doing!

Not every kid will trust an animal in such a devoted way.

The crowd was cheering them and was amazed to see them.

Kinsley and Ruby are so incredible and cool together!

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