An interesting fact about this dog: he simply adores destroying every stuffed animal except this one

We all know how pure and sweet animals are!

They are a sweet part of our life! With their arrival in our life we become much happier and joyful than ever !

This cute dog named Luca from the Alaskan Malamute adores destroying her toys!

This sweet dog is from California. Karissa has always dreamed of having a loyal sweet dog friend like him!

She has always wanted to have a dog but couldn’t simply afford to have one !

When she finally was able to buy it she bought a toy from the store and gifted that to Luca.

That was the most amazing and unique stories you have ever read!

Soon the sweet dog became attached to the toy and they were inseparable!

She didn’t want to leave the stuffed toy even for a few seconds.

That was the most amazing stuffed toy ever!

The dog kept it by her side all the time from that time.

This sweet dog takes this stuffed animal with her everywhere she goes!

The dog has kept the stuffed animal by her side all the time and that was truly fantastic to observe it!

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