Basst Hounds wishes to stay beside the dying sweet baby until her last breath

All of us are quite aware of the cute and sweet nature of the dogs!

They are simply the most caring and affectionate creatures on earth!

They stay by our side on our best and worst days and never give up on us.

That’s the case with this cute baby who had a difficult health issue.

This sweet story about Nora Hall will make your day!

The baby sadly discovered the world for only 5 months.

However, the baby stayed in coma for the next days.

During her short period of life, she could somehow win the hearts of two sweet dogs Gracie and Grumpy.

The baby’s name was Nora and whenever the girl cried, Gracie would run to him as if trying to make sure everything is okay with her.

When the family was preparing to let the baby go, the hospital asked the parents if they have any last wishes.

And the family asked if they were able to let the dogs stay with them on the last minutes of the baby !

The hospital agreed as they saw how attached the baby was with the dogs !

They prepared the bed in such a way that dogs could lay next to the dog.

”It was so beautiful and heartbreaking! ” the woman said.

The sweet dogs are always beside the family on any occasion! Rest in peace, sweet Nora.

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