Blind dog named Amos has his own ‘guide dog’ who never leaves his side and helps him explore the world

Life was a bit difficult for this Staffordshire bull terrier. Amos is a blind dog that was struggling as he was blind and didn’t have any frineds.

But as we often mention kindness is able to save the world.

Now the dog lives in his forever home surrounded with lovely people.

He now even has his personal guide dog who is always there to save him. His best friend’s name is Toby.

Amos’ lfe has completely changed when one of the volunteers from Cheshire Fire and Rescue service decided to help the animal.

Jess Martin started taking care of the animal and wanted to be his foster family.

However that temporary commitment turned into a long-term!

It was a great pleasure to have the dog and take care of him.

While everyone was ignoring him because he as blind the woman just couldn’t behave like that.

However her only worry was how her other dog will react seeing their new family member.

Toby welcomed the dog with excitement and even became a seeing eye for the dog.

He was helping the dog find the water bowl and helped to discover the world!

It took four months for the dog to heal from his illness and after that Jess made up her mind not to give up on him and adopt.

Amos’s friendship with Toby just are stronger with time.

The dog always tries to protect his best friend and is always by his side.

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