Adorable and cute bobcats family move into woman’s front yard for over a month

Seeing a family of wild cats isn’t something you can easily come across with. I think you will be amazed to see them living just a few steps away from you!

Kate Smith from Mesa shared a beautiful video and a photo depicting just how beautiful and cute the cute bobcats are.

The famous photo shows just how beautiful a mother bobcat is peacefully taking a nap with her small two cubs.

It’s been a month since this cute family has been sleeping in frond of the woman’s house.

Waking up seeing such a wonderful sight of the bobcat with her cubs.

It seemed they do not want to go away from that place.

The woman decided to call the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and it turned out that transporting bobcats is very dangerous.

Eventually Kate decided to keep the animals without asking for rent!!

She only had a big hope that one day their cute family will go away from the house.

The wildlife officials also told her not to go close to the bobcats as they may get comfy with you and start acting aggressive.

It’s so cute and strange to have such unusual guests on your porch!

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