These sweet shelter dogs who were rescued together can’t imagine sleeping without each other every night

Dogs at shelters usually have a special ability to get attached to each other.

It was the case with Romeo and Damian who were two cute pit bulls that were rescued together.

When they were first found, these cuties were hungry, starving and plus were dehydrated.

Soon these cuties were taken to the local vet clinic where after examining them they found lots of health issues.

They found out soon that Romeo along with different health issues also has a strange body in his abdomen.

They both had a long way to pass in order to get fully recovered.

They suffered and struggled a lot but somehow could keep their spirit up!

They get attached and love each human being on their way who helps them in their recovery process.

Both of them are adorable and sweet and what’s the most interesting is that they are good at kissing each other.

Besides loving other these cuties also adore each other and simply can’t imagine living apart!

They seem to comfort each other until their loving forever families will be found!

They adore sleeping beside each other and that’s the sweetest and most adorable scene you could ever see.

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