The sweet mother elephant is saved from the crocodile attack due to her lovely calf’s trick that saved its life

This amazing elephant’s story will make your day much brighter and more interesting!

Once a sweet elephant’s calf showed how careful she was!

Very often mothers take care of children but in this case it was the opposite!

The calf bravely saved her mother’s life.

The mother elephants was drinking water when a crocodile was drinking water from the river.

The mother’s trunk got bitten by the crocodile while she was drinking water.

Thankfully, the calf of the elephant was near her.

The calf was determined to save her mother’s life.

The mother calf was trying hard to grab her trunk away.

The calf made up its mind to jump on the reptile an din that way save his mother’s life.

In the end, the crocodile can no longer take the weight of the baby elephant and releases the mother’s trunk in that way setting her free.

The brave baby elephant could save her mother’s life!

It’s so heartwarming and cute to see calves taking care of their mothers or mothers who take care of their their children.

Love and affection are probably the most important things in the world!

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