The ‘Werewolf’ cute and sweet kitten is distinctly different from the rest of her family

Gracie was a typical kitten when she was born. Brianna Waltman soon realized that the kitten differs from his other 11 sisters and brothers

It turned out that it is a wolf cat. Brianna said that she was present not only for one but two cat deliveries that momma brought to life.

After about a week the woman was helping the cats by putting them all together so that the mom could feed all the small babies to get enough milk.

It was very lovely to see the two of them becoming mothers for these cute kittens.

Gracie was smaller and was less active than his brother and sisters. Soon she also started losing her hair.

Fortunately her hair started to grow due to her foster parents.

Waltman thought that her unusual appearance is due to a genetic mutation.

Shortly after investigating more about the cat she concluded that she was a wolf cat.

A wolf cat named Lykoi is known for being a cat with partly lost hair.

Gracie behaves just like a regular cat: she plays likes chasing a red ball and also chases her tail !

Even though she had to endure many hardships but in the end she grew as a healthy and mature cat!

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