Have a look at this brave man jumping into the Zoo enclosure to save a drowning cute chimp

Going to a Zoo and jumping into the Zoo enclosure can seem to be a dangerous thing to do. In our story you will see how the man’s action saved one life.

When the hero of our story Rick Swope made up his mind to visit the Zoo, he could never imagine what might happen to him.

He was with his family and three children. They were watching chimps when suddenly a fight between them started.

It’s the moment when Rick started doing something that nobody thought he will be able to do.

As a result one of them fell into the moat.

That’s the moment he decided to jump straight into the river in order to save the 135-pound animal’s life.

It was such a pity scene to see a chimp holding his hands up and his head out of the water looking at people as if asking for help.

The water was so muddy that it was impossible to find the animal in it. The staff helped the man with its directions.

When the man swam around on the bottom he finally found the cute animal.

The heroic and courageous man saved the chimp’s life and put it on the shore in a special place where he will be safe.

Luckily the chimp understood the kind intentions of the man and didn’t harm him!

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