The sweet and cute puppy shares the sweetest ever bond together with her newborn foal

This unique story is about the lovely bond the puppy and the foal share.

This cute story will blow your mind. It is a real story showing the love that exists in animals world.

And yeah just like human beings they are also able to love and take care of their small children.

This story is about the scene when a puppy hugs with a foal who was born an hour ago.

The puppy named Molly and the newborn foal captured this unique moment on camera hugging each other.

The scene took place in the Green Valley Aussies.

Molly is an Australian shepherd dog and even though they are known as strong working dogs they can be very caring and sweet.

Sugar who was the little foal’s mother was standing right beside the pair and it seemed it was enjoying the scene!

The pair was cuddling each other with so much love and care!

It was something unbelievable! Luckily, this heartwarming and sweet moment was captured by the camera !

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