Each one of the family of pets are so excited to welcome their baby brother and adore watching each of his steps

Kasey Boggs and her husband were surprised when they first came home from the hospital with their newborn baby!

The reaction of their four rescued dogs and a cat was something worth admiring.

We have always spoken how loyal and devoted they are to newborn babies of their owners!

It seems the dogs were waiting impatiently for Sonny as they accepted him so much love !

The dogs loved and respected the baby just like they would do to their own child!

Each of the dogs have their special way of showing love and affection to the newborn baby.

Each baby is blessed having a unique chance of growing up with dogs.

They truly make our world much brighter and beautiful!

The cat named Mia adored observing the baby from the distance as if being her guard!

Roxy, one of the adorable pets adores having naps with his human brother.

Edith and Rosie simply adore the baby. They are happy with the baby’s arrival!

The sweet dogs know perfectly that they need to be very gentle with the tiny baby.

They do their best to show affection and care to the baby.

Each child should grow up surrounded by the love and compassion that these dogs have towards the baby!

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