True friendship between two dogs: a faithful dog guarded for his friend dog who fell into a cistern for a week

Our cute and sweet story is about Phoebe and Tillie who were lost as their owner didn’t close the front door of the house.

The names of the dogs were Tillie and Phoebe. They were very sweet and friendly.

The gate was open when the two ran away. You may think it’s the worst thing for the owner, and you will be right.

Two of them unexpectedly lost when guests came into their house.

It had been already a week since the dogs were missing.

They ran away from the house and the owner just couldn’t find them anywhere.

The owner says that it had been many times the owner left the door open, but the dog didn’t want to run without him.

So it was strange for him how the dog actually disappeared.

It turned out that Phoebe fell into the cistern and the dog didn’t want to leave the dog and stayed by his side till the end.

The dogs’ owner contacted a rescue team for help. It was very difficult to find them.

Tillie didn’t go anywhere, stood beside his friend and even approached a stranger to help his friend.

And yeah, a week later the dogs were rescued. It was the best news for the owner.

This story is a proof that animals are so much full of love and are truly loyal!

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