The brave boy did a heroic act: he shielded a cat from a raging typhoon as it gave birth to her babies

We cannot do anything against nature and the seasonal changes in the Philippines usually come with the typhoon.

Just have a look at this kind-hearted animal lover for whom the typhoon isn’t something dangerous when it comes to protecting animals.

The boy stands near the breakwater and protects the mother cat with a large plastic sheet while he himslef was soaked!

This heartwarming scene was captured during the typhoon Egay in the Philippine capital in 2022.

The courageous boy went out to save the sweet roaming kitty’s life and his kittens’ as well!

This brave boy didn’t care much about himself when he noticed the cat who was going to labor during that terrifying typhoon.

The boy was holding a plastic cover over a mother cat who was giving birth to her babies.

The boy wanted to protect the mother cat from the heavy rain!

When the cat understood that the boy was trying to protect her she licked his hand.

The sweet cat gave birth to her four adorable kittens!

Due to this brave and kind-hearted boy it was possible to save the cat’s and her 4 sweet babies’ lives.

The mother cat and her babies were then taken to the shelter.

The boy’s simple and pure kindness restored the faith in humanity!

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