Carlos decided to take his dying dog up to his lovely mountain in Wheelbarrow the last time

Our moving and wonderful story is about Monty who is loved by many people. The dog’s name is Monty.

This ten-year-old Labrador is an adventurous dog who loved going on long walks all over the world with his beloved owner Carlos.

Sadly the dog was diagnosed with cancer.

As they both adored traveling to the peak of Pen y Fan in Brecon Beacons the owner decided to take him there one last time before his death.

During the journey there were so many people who tried to help the sweet dog.

”People on the hills were so excited to help and take care for the sweet Labrador”.

” I am so grateful for their time, efforts and love to the dog”.

”Many strangers even cried when they got acquainted with the sweet dog”.

Monty is a phenomenal dog as he made everyone’s day better!

He touched the lives of so many people, made them laugh smile and have fun!

The owner once said that he was very grateful all the wonderful and kind people for their love care and affection.

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