Rescued kangaroo can’t stop hugging the volunteers who saved her life when she was just 5 months old

All the animals have feelings just like human beings. We may often not evaluate their ability of feeling and even communicating.

They behave in a very special way to people who once saved their lives. They remember very well those people.

Our interesting story is about the story of Abigail that is the most compassionate animal.

When the kangaroo was just a few months old the poor animal lost his mom.

The animal then was taken to the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia.

There the volunteers greeted the animal with love compassion. Of course, the animal also got attached to them very easily.

Now ten years later the sweet animal doesn’t spend even a day without cuddling people who rescued her.

Hugging and loving those who once rescued her is a part of her routine.

Thanks to her lovely and devoted behaviour, the animal very soon earned the love of everyone.

There Abigail was given a title ”Queen”.

Now all the people at the sanctuary start their day with a warm cuddling with an animal.

Alice Springs from the sanctuary wrote that she adores the kangaroo.

She was raised with them as a 7 year old healthy animal.

Abi is unique and has a special light color which is very beautiful.

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