Cat’s meows leads rescuers to his 83-year-old owner after she falls down a ravine

The cute cat saves the life of its 83-year-old owner. That’s due to the cat that owner is safe now.

The scared neighbors were worried because the woman was missing for hours.

However, the woman’s life was in safe hands.

A passerby heard the cat meowing very loudly and decides to help.

The cat’s persistence was not in vain. Its name is Piran and thanks to the cat the owner is now saved.

The woman was found in a very difficult situation.

She got there because of the uneven terrain and bad weather.

The fire crew was very skillful and they found a way of pulling up the senior lady.

They used a stretcher for that and very soon the woman was saved.

Thanks, God the woman is now in safe hands and staying there for some time didn’t affect her health negatively.

The woman will stay under medical supervision for some time.

Officers from Bodmin were searching for an 83-year-old female.

The police department was very happy that Piran the cat saved the woman’s life.

The woman could have lost her life and the outcome could have been worse.

This story is a proof that animals are so devoted to their owners

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