The cute baby and a sweet little dog have hilarious and very interesting argument that you will like

Very often we ask ourselves if our pets do understand when we are speaking with them.

We wonder if they understand us when we say it’s not a dinner time yet or when we say they cannot do something.

I am sure many pet owners have asked that question to themselves.

However, the baby and the dog of our story seem to perfectly understand each other.

They both understand each other even if nobody around them gets their speech.

Mother took her camera and starting filming the moment when her baby and the dog are arguing on a theme.

It seemed the baby was saying ”baby” while the dog was saying ”dog” and that was so funny.

They both didn’t have a good time so they both started arguing.

The baby and the dog were irritated!

The dog named Pele was sitting on a couch listening to his human sister throw a hissy fit.

It seemed he was trying to comfort his sister.

When his baby sister makes some noise, the dog cries just to get louder.

That scene was hilarious and interesting.

This cute moment was caught on came and it quickly became viral.

We don’t know whether the dog is irritated by the baby sister or not but that moment was really so funny!

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