his cute Pooh, the rescue cat who has just got new legs and is now so happy knowing nobody can stop him

We all are quite aware of the nature of animals.

They either kill or get killed, hunt or get hunted.

That’s the rule of the nature. It’s so important to note that stray animals need our care and attention the most.

Street life has made them stronger and they usually survive for a long time.

The injuries and the pain all these stray animals have to endure cause them immense pain!

This is the case with Pooh who was fortunately found in the streets.

The cat was deeply injured and needed lots of care and attention.

When the vet examined this cutie he said that Pooh needs to be amputated.

They couldn’t understand how the cat got its injury, but amputation was a must!

The vet, instead of euthanizing the cat, luckily, found some brilliant idea.

Now, due to his efforts the cat has adapted to his limbs.

He can easily move on flat surfaces, can easily walk, run and he doesn’t even feel pain.

Pooh’s sweet and cute story gives us hope that with good care and love it’s possible to make the animals’ lives better !

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