This story is about the oldest lion in Kenya that stuns everyone with his beautiful pictures

Our story is about lions. The lion in our story is known as one of the oldest animal in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

They are arrogant and are the kings of animals. He is 14 years old and is very famous in the national reserve, and he also had a brother named Scarface who sadly died.

Leighton Sum is the photographer of these wonderful lions and these photos are made due to him.

He captured these incredible photos of a lion. This beautiful lion lives together with other zebras, cheetahs and some other lions.

Of course taking photos of Morani is a great pleasure for the photographer.

The lion was unique and was 14 years old.

After his brother died, he became the oldest lion in the park.

His face expression says it all, he endured many hardships in his life.

This lion has all the characteristics of a male lion.

He adores sleeping and can spend most of his day sleeping.

That’s one of the main features of the lion. It’s not a strange feature for lions.

He is like the real king of the animals, lazy and bossy.

The lion admires everyone with his beauty and longevity. Such a great representative of nature!

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