The 13-year-old shelter cat only falls asleep after holding its owner’s hand with his paw

Our story is about Jamie who is 13 years old cat who had been ill!

The cat had some health issues that needed care and attention.

It was suffering from bad teeth, kidney problems.

Of course, at the vet clinic, the cat got all the love and care it deserved.

The shelter staff didn’t know whether the cat would get adopted or not !

However, what was the most interesting is that it actually got adopted.

Once when a young woman appeared at the shelter all the suspicion went away.

She saw how gentle the cat behaves with her and decided they are made for each other.

Now, Sara and Jamie happily live together. What’s the most interesting is that Jamie falls asleep only when she holds Sara’s hand!

Jamie, the 13-yeral-old Burmese cat, is able to make your day a lot better!

Its life totally changed when he got adopted by Sarah!

The special connection that they both formed with each other was something worth sharing!

They were made for each other! The cat simply can’t imagine sleeping without holding her hand!

That’s amazing to see! All the cats deserve to be loved!

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