The last dog at the shelter is finally adopted and the dog smiles knowing that he has a forever home

All the shelter animals simply dream of having forever homes.

However there are many animals who need some extra more time to get adopted.

It is heartbreaking for them to see how their best friends and also all the others get adopted but not they.

This cute story is about a shelter dog who stayed all alone in the shelter.

It seemed he even lost his faith that one day he will get adopted.

Kapone, a Staffordshire terrier mix has spent most of its years waiting to get adopted at Michigan shelter.

Once he got adopted, but the family brought him back after living with him for a year.

The sweet dog lost weight as he didn’t have a good appetite.

The dog was stressed and it was hard for the shelter staff to feed him.

What was the most heartbreaking is that Kapone was the only animal who didn’t get adopted and lacked a forever home.

The staff shared the dog’s sad story in hopes that someone would react to it.

The woman and her husband immediately fell in love with him.

Kapone got along with them from the first moment the couple entered the shelter.

They adopted Kapone who was so excited and happy to have his forever loving home!

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