It took 20 hours in order to rescue the stranded sperm whale who was weighing 10 tons

This rescue was one of the hardest! A group of rescuers could somehow save the 65-foot sperm whale’s life.

That amazing day will longer stay in the mind of people!

The whale was washed up on a beach in China and due to the kind-hearted rescuers was released back into the water.

However, let’s be honest it wasn’t an easy process for the rescuers as it took 20 hours.

Besides, what’s the most interesting part of it is that if they weren’t this quick the whale’s life would be impossible to save.

The whale would be dehydrated and would perish.

According to the fact the whales can breathe oxygen but they simply require water from overheating.

The firefighters sprayed water on the whale’s body and even made a pool where it swam.

The sweet whale’s life was able to save by dragging to shallow waters!

After 20 hours of long and difficult work the sweet animal was successfully released back into the sea!

It was one of the most amazing and unique days!

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