Emotional and heartwarming moment a sweet baby koala hugs its unconscious mom so tight during life-saving surgery

We all know that the love between an animal and a mother is so powerful and sweet !

They are very attached to each other and this makes their friendship so unique and sweet!

Our story is another proof that no matter what species the animals are the mother always is devoted to its children.

In our story this koala mom-baby prove their devotion and love.

An accident happened and the mother koala got badly injured.

Lizzie and her baby joey were taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Luckily the koala was saved by the kind-hearted volunteers together with his baby.

The little koala was not as harmed as his mother.

The mother had to pass a surgery in order to stay alive and healthy!

The moment was really heartwarming and sweet. The baby koala didn’t want to leave his mother.

The vet understood that dividing them would be so traumatizing for the animals.

That’s why the 6-month-old joey stayed by his mother’s side during the whole time.

Koalas are very famous animals in Australia. They are not so social and friendly.

These animals are only devoted to their mothers. It’s just so sweet and cute to see their devotion and love to each other.

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