Two brave men rush throughout a flooded road in order to save the sweet kitten who were nearly drowning

Kind-hearted people are true role models for all of us.

They teach us how to be kind and affectionate towards all the animals.

It’s sometimes hard to focus and act right especially when there’s a lifetime of a precious animal on the road.

There are situations in life requiring lots of effort and attention from us!

This is the case with the two men who were going to Tallinn, Estonia throughout an excessive storm that flooded the streets !

When they first stopped on one of the pavements they noticed a roaming cat who was nearly drowning.

That was a heartbreaking scene for them both and they decided to take steps in order to save the cat’s life who was drowning.

The decisive man did their best and showed his brave character!

Nothing stopped them on the road. It was a wonderful experience for all of them.

The man is a true role model for many people! All of us should respect animals that live together with us on this planet!

They are great exemples showing that humanity still exists !

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