The man does everything to save the baby duckling and the duck stays by the man’s side

Our cute story is about a strong friendship between a duckling and a man.

The man could have never thought that he would own a duckling in her apartment.

When the man first saw the duckling he was very small and could hardly swim in the pool.

However, the man decided to take him home and take care of him.

He planned to release him back into the wild when he gets old.

The man became Cheerio’s best friend.

Whenever the man was away from home he was roaming with his friends.

After spending time with his friends the duck came back home.

The duck goes outside whenever the man goes to work and comes back just the time the man returns from his work.

The man says that even though he is a very sociable duck but at the end of the day he chooses to come back to him!

It seems they have created a special bond with each other.

He is very adaptive and gets along easily with other species.

The duck is a bit shy but with time he will change his behaviour.

What’s the most interesting Cheerio has a cat friend named Reeses.

He adores playing with her! When the man is not at work he just adores spending good time with his duck!

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