The man decided to sell all that he has in order to travel with his cat around the world

The relationship between the cat and the man is not one of an ordinary. They both fell in love with each other at first sight.

The cat named Willow was rescued by Richard’s ex girlfriend.

Richard now decided to sell everything he has and start traveling to Australia together with his cat.

When they first met each other Willow immediately fell in love with each other and from that day on they are inseparable.

When Rich and his girlfriend broke up the girl said that she was not able to take care of the cat.

Rich was so excited that now he will take care of the cat.

” Willow is one of the most precious beings in my life” says Richard.

” I am so attached with this cat and I understand that whenever you adopt a cat it’s a lifelong commitment”.

Toegther with his cat Rich visited 6 states and 2 places in South Australia in a van!

Rich and cat are so happy sharing adventures with each other.

They both are so happy and fulfilled. These two have Instagram account with more than 100000 followers.

You can follow them to stay in touch with their adventures and interesting life.

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