he sweet rescue dog finally has a chance of finding a home after spending two years in shelter

We all know that the shelter dogs simply dream of having their own homes one day!

However, sometimes finding a forever home takes time !

It’s sad to say that sometimes finding good owners takes time.

Sadly, some dogs wait for a long time until they will be able to find a good home !

Meet this cute 9-year-old dog named Janice who has spent most of his life at the shelter in County Dog Pound.

He was waiting to get adopted ! The caregivers did their best to find a good forever home for them.

Janice was the shelter’s longest resident and that was so cute and heartwarming.

The staff at the shelter still couldn’t find out why Janice is here for such a long time.

By looking at the dog’s beautiful face you cannot simply resist it!

The cute dog is very friendly and sweet and she always wants to get attention.

Janice is the type of dog who has always found happiness in small things!

It’s so good to announce that after spending 2 years at the shelter Janice finally has found a lovely cute home!

We are happy that Janice has a forever caring home!

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