The cute and sweet boy while going to school stops and cuddles dogs thinking no one’s watching

I think it’s never late to be a true hero. The cute and kind-hearted kid was going to a school when he saw two roaming animals on the side of the road.

Instead of ignoring and just passing by the dogs, the boy stopped to make their day better.

It was a usual day for Ibrahim, a boy from Russia when he was heading to school.

On that day he spotted two cute and sweet homeless dogs.

He stopped to give them a big hug to make them smile and feel protected and loved.

The camera captured with how much love and compassion the boy hugs these cuties.

Soon he leaves the dogs but shortly after comes back to hug the dog one more time.

When the boy’s family saw the boy. They were not surprised.

They said that the boy is kind-hearted from nature.

He even carries his sister’s bag when they are going to school.

He has a soft and kind character. His actions show just how selfless and cute the kids are.

They are so pure and so free at expressing their love and affection.

Surely the dogs were blessed meeting the kid on their way.

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