The man had an emotional and sweet reunion with his 19-year-old cat that was missing for 7 years

It’s very sad to even imagine that one day your beloved cat may get lost.

It’s very dramatic and stressful to find out that one day your lovely cat will stay without you.

Just imagine that after 7 years your lovely fur friend returns out of nowhere.

That’s what happened with the hero of our story Robert.

Robert’s lovely cat got lost when he was moving from California to Ohio.

However, he canceled his flight as Chebon was lost and he wanted to find his fur friend.

He was looking for him for about a year and nearly was giving up on him!

He was stressed as he couldn’t imagine his life without him!

It seemed he couldn’t find Chebon anywhere. It was so sad and stressful for him.

7 years later a woman noticed a cat who seemed to feel bad and took it to the vet.

Fortunately as the cat was microchipped they could easily identify it.

It was Chebon and its owner is looking for his lovely cat for 7 years…

The man immediately flied to California just to make sure it’s his cat.

And yeah, luckily it was his favorite cat !

The man just couldn’t hide his emotions and started crying!

It was one of the most emotional reunions!

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